Perverse Fixation is a brand new dynamic site launching it's first phase on October 31st. We are not currently accepting any new applicants until further notice! Sorry!

As a collective Perverse Fixation seeks to raise the bar of overall quality (photography, experience, marketing, etc), ethical values, and the meaning of 'community' in the alternative modeling industry.

A Majority of those who are building this website have paid their dues in the alt-industry and feel it has yet to be represented and run correctly; if you agree with us then you'll understand why we even go as far as to fund this project ourselves. This means the staff is, and will always be, in control of the site and it's content while looking out for the models best interest. Various built-in features to the site will be available at launch for each models protection.
This is just one of many ways we seek to raise the bar...

Of course these are all precautions we take so everybody can feel comfortable and everybody can have some fun. International events, various tours, personal profiles (with photo galleries, photography/video sets galleries, the option to sell and promote any artwork or clothing design of your own, a body mod gallery, journals, video galleries, and many more features to announce at a later date).

USC Title 18, Section 2257 Compliance