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In the wake of famed underground sensation Terminal 46's implosion foundeing members Nox Mountebank and Erik Gustafson merged yet again to form LUST MURDER BOX. While staying true to the electronica-fuled formula of T-46's industrial cruch, the duo branched out into unexplored areas with the creative fervor of hopped up mountain goats. Soon after the false millennium, they emerged with a newly formed band a chock full of bad attitude-Sub Par Industries"

Rob Hoskins started tattooing in a high street studio back in January 2000. Motivated by a need to learn more about his new-found passion in life, he headed out on his own and Idle Hands, Inc. was born. Since then Rob has been travelling worldwide to work alongside some of the best tattooists in the industry, and is now a frequent face at conventions like NIX, in Toronto, Canada and the Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival. Rob specializes in black and grey, portraiture and custom tatooing. He is always willing to take on a challenge and worls from strength to strength to create individual and exciting pieces of art.

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